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What is Coaching?

Our definition of coaching is: 'Helping our client to find out what works and ways to do more of it, and/or to stop doing what doesn't work and to find ways to do something else'

What Results Can I Expect?


A Coaching Programme will result in you being able to take the actions and steps to achieve your goals by:

- Defining what you want to achieve

- Resolving any issues or barriers to achieving your goals

- Finding answers to your key questions

- Clarifying what you need to do differently and/or better

Ethics and Values

We believe that coaching is a way of helping you to access solutions and resources that already exist or are already available, but as yet, either unrecognised or simply forgotten. If you are unable to access these resources, counselling or other support may be more appropriate. In these circumstances, we will refer you to an appropriate person or body

We try not to make judgements based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality or background. However, we're human and so we work hard to be aware of our own preconceptions and potential prejudices

Ownership of actions and solutions remain with you as the client

We will take responsibility for the process of coaching and for communicating both process and progress as we move through the coaching programme

We will maintain our standards and competence through continuous personal development. This includes coaching supervision

We will respect the confidentiality of what is shared with us by you except as authorised by you or as is required legally

We will agree a coaching contract at the start of the programme that covers confidentiality, frequency and location of meetings, and programme outcomes. We will adhere to this contract at all times. We will review progress on a regular basis throughout the coaching programme. You can terminate the contract at any time if you do not feel that it is working for you

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