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“Gillian and I worked together closely for a number of months during 2013 on a Leadership and Customer Culture Innovation programme for a global financial services organisation. During the programme, which involved working with the ExCo and supporting teams, Gillian intuitively knew what the client both wanted and needed, often in advance of them knowing themselves, and she was exceptional at articulating the complex in simple terms that helped the client make decisions quickly. This was vital as the programme was delivered to 129,000 employees.


Combining her talents of holistic problem solving and client management, Gillian led complex and detailed programme design and delivery phases, working closely with a large dispersed team. This work was often under significant pressure.


Always calm and collected and approaching challenges with an authoritative style, Gillian gave the client reassurance and the team the confidence to work at pace. Keeping the big picture in mind and always very effective at keeping the client focussed and on track, meant deadlines were always met without sacrificing quality.


Together with the above, Gillian was enjoyable to work with, considerate and mindful of people on both the consulting and client side meaning I would highly recommend Gillian for large programmes of work or as a coach and facilitator.”


David Hicks

Founder, Border Crossing and The Pop-up Business School


"Gillian delivered "Communicate with Confidence" workshop for Moscow Civil Service Executives. She quickly established rapport with the group and chose pretty engaging set of activities, despite the fact it was her first training for Russians and the presence of simultaneous translation. She exuded positive energy, confidence and undeniable professionalism. Plus, she had individual approach to each person, and was able to excellently monitor what was going on in few small groups at once. Majority of the participants demonstrated improvement in trained skills right during the training, and their feedback on Gillian's work was extremely positive. We definitely look forward to work with Gillian again on these and other training programmes."


Anna Leybina

Deputy Director of R&D Department at Moscow Metropolitan Governance University

“I worked with Gillian and was immediately impressed by her ability to quickly draw out the critical aspects of what you wanted to achieve. I was even more impressed at the range of her insight and the tools she brought to the table to help structure and bring focus on helping making it happen. It wasn't fluffy HR stuff, it was 'real world' and Gillian made it enjoyable, interesting and fun. With presence and focus, Gillian is a no nonsense operator, comfortable in c-suite corporate to working with individuals at all levels. I have worked with many excellent HR professionals over many years and thoroughly recommend Gillian as one of the best. I look forward to the next time we work together.”


David Urquhart

Property and Facilities Manager

What people have said when they work with us:


“I have worked both for and with Gillian since 2006. Whilst she has tremendous knowledge and experience within the field of leadership development, has led high-performing teams in a global context, has facilitated challenging development programmes with senior executives, the skill I always find most impressive is her ability to coach. Gillian coaches with warmth and empathy, yet she always challenges a person to draw the best out of themselves. I have observed Gillian coaching and have had the "pleasure" of being coached. I place the word "pleasure" in inverted commas because Gillian skill enables you to deal with very uncomfortable situations that, left to ones own insufficient devices, you would probably have walked away from. And been a poorer person for doing so. Through her supportive and probing style of coaching I have gained great insights into my existing abilities, and drawn the courage and confidence needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and gain new ones.”


David Deegan

Principal Consultant at Mercer Leadership Development

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